Addon Development

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Building addons is often a great way to make productized integrations - or just build on top of greatness and make great products better.

Building addons if often a vital component of building integrations - as an integration often is deployed as an addon for each system it integrates.

One of the things I love about Episerver is it's extensibility and how easy it is to build addons for it. And over the years I've built numerous add-ons for Episerver. Some of them are available today as open source, some have been productized - and others have met a silent death.
Some of the Episerver Addons I've been involved in the creation of are:

  • MobilePack - A quite widely used plugin for CMS 6 to provide Mobile capabilities. Many of the features were later rewritten and productized into the core of Episerver
  • CriteriaPack - Initiated on Codeplex by me, later development done by Episerver Dev.
  • Virtual Roles - Add-on for CMS 5/6. Was part inspiration for the CMS 6R2 feature Visitor Groups which exist and is used today for personalization in Episerver
  • Self-Optimizing Block - A CMS 7 feature for content optimization. Was later productized and is today maintained by Episerver Dev.
  • ServiceAPIExtensions - An extension to the Episerver ServiceAPI to allow for full content CRUD operations. The latest versions of the Service API solves some of the same problems as this one - although it is still read-only.
  • Forms - The current way to work with web site forms in Episerver. It's build and maintained by Episerver Dev, but I worked on the initial prototype and product managed it for it's first year.
  • Episerver Cognitive Services - An add-on that let's you use Azure Cognitive Services to enhance Media meta data in Episerver.

I've also made experimental add-ins for Office, Extensions for Google Chrome and Connectors for Microsoft Flow and Zapier. Not all of them have been released, but has instead solved their purpose as demos or prototypes to evaluate an idea. Others might be released later...

Relevant Blog Posts


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - Part 3

Sidebar extensions is a great way to add tools, widgets and integrations to editors, without relying on a specific field. In this post I'll explore them a little, and also test out how much crazy stuff we can actually do with the javascript SDK.


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - part 2

In this post, I'll show how to make a field editor that will let you have any kind of syntax highlighted code in a long text field, as well as taking a look at command line interface (CLI) and Github distribution.


Digizuite DAM for Episerver - try it out!

The Digizuite DAM for Episerver integration is now available in the Episerver nuget feed! We've worked long and hard on this, so feel free to have a look and try it out!


Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions - Part 1

Contentful has a handful of extension points, where you in a fairly straightforward and simple manner can extend the editorial experience with minimal development effort. In this post-series I'll show some examples of this.


Episerver Content Provider Resilience Strategies

Content Providers for Episerver is a powerful tool with huge potential for integrations. But how should you handle fault resilience when dealing with a real time connection to an external system? As part of the integration to Digizuite DAM I have helped build, I have given this a great deal of thought.


Routing in Episerver Addon Modules

When your build your own addons, modules and extensions for Episerver CMS, you often want to include controllers - and naturally you want to call these controller - but which url should you use? I always forget this, so here is a little reminder.


Sneak Peek - Digizuite DAM for Episerver

In this blog post I'm sharing a little sneak peek of the editor experience working with an enterprise DAM like Digizuite integrated into Episerver. Early February 2019, at the Episerver Partner Close-up in Stockholm, you can visit Digizuite stand to get an in-depth demo.


Content Provider or Content Replication

When integrating external content into Episerver, a classic dilemma is whether you should replicate it in, or setup a content provider to pull it in real-time. As part of the Digizuite Integration I have once again given some thought to the dilemma - and here are some pro's and cons.


Content Report Generator

I helped a client with a cool little report generator that can give them an easy overview of all their content - and related metadata, that can be opened in excel and easily sorted, filtered and aggregated. Here it is.


Digizuite: Keeping developers in mind when building the addon

I have worked on many different addon's for Episerver over the years - and used many more. One thing that often strikes me is that either an Addon is for editors or it is for developers, but rarely both. With the new Digizuite integration we are trying to give both groups the tools they need.