Artificial Intelligence

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AI, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Cognitive Services are all technology concepts that have reached almost every CEOs buzzword collection. But really, most of the algorithms and approaches are fairly old. Perhaps it's just with the advance of cloud computing and plenty of great API's that these approaches are becoming mainstream tools.

I've been fascinated by AI for a long time. Together with search technology, this is one of those areas where computers take the leap from being just slaves doing dummy work for us - to actually pseudo-thinking creatures. Ok, I'm not crazy and they are not self-aware yet. But - with some AI today their conclusions are often quite useful - and getting close to what humans could do.

I've done a lot of experiments (some that even made it to market) in various AI disciplines. Ranging from various nearest-neighbour searches for content similarities and language identification, over A* path finding, genetic algorithms, behavior driven content recommendations, singular vector decomposition to simply using machine learning and cognitive services.

Below you can see a video of an integration I made of the vision services in Cognitive Services and Episerver CMS that automatically tags all images on upload with a descriptive text as well as other features. It even adds a smart thumbnail where it automatically sets a focalpoint on the subject matter for the image. Original blog post here, and github project can be found here. It can also be installed through the Episerver nuget feed.