Offshore Development

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Quite often in a project you reach a point where you have identified exactly what you want it to do, but simply realize that in order to do everything you have planned, you need more man power. You'll need skilled architects, Episerver certified developers, efficient frontenders, testers and so on.

But - as everyone who has ever done any development project will tell you - adding random manpower to a project slows down the project rather than speeding it up as it should - because now you are faced with getting the resources to understand exactly what they need to do - and coordinate the efforts - and often that challenge is greater than building it with fewer people. If one woman can deliver a baby in 9 months, it doesn't mean that if you assign 9 women to the project that it will get done in 1 :-)

What I have found though, is that if you find and add the right people to your project and manage them well - perhaps even have prototypes and mockup of what you want - then it can definitely work in your advantage.

I have a lot of experience throughout my career in working with offshore development teams - and if it's the right people I usually end up being impressed and the project benefits.

Lately I have been having working with my friends @ Niteco in Hanoi on some projects - and when you combine their skilled technical staff with a local architect/bridge engineer/project leader (usually myself) it tends to produce pretty decent results.

If you are interested in learning how I can help you get going with offshore development, feel free to reach out and let me know!